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‘ANEW’ Experience of a young girl

Sarah Mohamed shares her experience at ANEW (June 2017)   My Experience At ANEW  Personally, I found that the ANEW organisation was very beneficial for underprivileged girls. During my limited time at ANEW, I observed numerous classes and got the opportunity to interact with the students at ANEW. I found that these students came from […]

University of Iowa – Sociolgy Dept Interns Speak

Mitch Slater “I came to India and ANEW knowing little to nothing about Indian culture. ANEW showed me how accepting and welcoming Indian culture is. I was thoroughly surprised by how kind and accommodating they all were. I also learned much more than I expected to. Not only from sitting in on a few classes […]

‘ANEW’ – through the eyes of a 10th grader

Feminism is a strong word, with actions that are exponentially more powerful. It is something believed to be constituted by parity and equal treatment between the sexes. Women and men from around the world are forming a united front to support feminism. To me, it constitutes the fight our society is undergoing for the basic […]

ANEW Intern Speak – A High Schooler’s Experience

My Experience at ANEW   I first heard about ANEW in April 2013 through a few of my mom’s friends. I badly wanted to work at an NGO and ANEW was willing to give me that chance. My first work experience at ANEW was in the month of April. My role at ANEW for the […]